Regulation Issues


The SEEDEP PTY LTD is governed primarily by the Municipal Systems Act (as amended) and Municipal Finance Management Act No 56 of 2003 (MFMA) and its various regulations. The SEEDEP PTY LTD has further adopted the Supply Chain Management Policy for Land (SCMPL) in compliance with Section 111 of the MFMA which provides a framework for the alienation and granting of rights to use, control or manage of municipal capital assets. The SEEDEP PTY LTD was bound by the Companies Act, 1973. This Act has been replaced by the new Companies Act 2008, which came into operation in 2011 and the organisation shall ensure compliance thereto.


eThekwini Municipality must assist SHI’s to:

  • create the conditions in the sector that make it possible to obtain the necessary financing to undertake the development.
  • Work together with the SHI’s to achieve approaches to allocation that ensure the Municipality meets its developmental objectives and the SHI its viability and sustainability.
  • Assist in the accessing of well located land for the long term use for social rental housing. Assist to access the relevant grant financing through the national and provincial government streams.

Organisation contribution to Master Programmes and IDP Sub-programmes

SEEDEP PTY LTD forms part of the Prospects Economic growth cluster and the organisation endeavours to contribute, through its mandate, towards the economy that is inclusive, livable and prosperous for all; linked to this outcome are the following outputs: Job intensive economic growth. Expanded and refined support to small businesses, and greater facilitation of the potential offered by entrepreneurs and the informal economy; Increased competitiveness of the local economy – enabling and attracting investment. A smart Prospect which is able to deliver quality services to citizens in an efficient and reliable manner.