The current approved organisational structure is divided into the following two (2) core business structures of the Board of Directors and Operational Executive with 10 positions (both filled and vacant posts). It should however be noted that the current approved structure does not cater for the Facilities Management function that will be incorporated into SEEDEP PTY LTD following the Institutional review:

Current Core Business units

  • Property Asset Management – This entails the strategic management of the property portfolio which includes fixed asset register management, physical verification of prospects fixed assets, property sector and economic research, strategic plan and property advise, compilation of asset management plans, portfolio sector and economic returns and council property information. The main goal is to ensure maximisation of portfolio returns in line with SEEDEP PTY LTD’s social and economic mandate and to unlock potential economic and social base of developed and underdeveloped areas of the plus 1 hectare property whilst increasing sustainable revenue streams and asset value of Prospects‘s property.
  • Property management – This function involves obtaining and maintaining value from the property portfolio by effectively administering & leasing, acquiring and selling and lastly ensuring maintenance of the property and management of servitudes and encroachments and facilities management.
  • Property Development – Property development aims to increase value of the allocated land portfolio and generate long term recurring income for all stakeholders involved, by facilitating development of current & future allocated land by public or third party private sector developers. Development facilitation includes project packaging, project preparation, development contracting & actual development facilitation in line with the prospects Growth and Development Strategy.

Support Units

  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Services (previously Stakeholder Management)
  • Finance
  • Office of the CEO – this is a new unit headed by a Chief Executive Officer consisting of Project Management Office, Transformation, Legal Services and Land Regularization)
  • Risk Management
  • Organisation Secretariat, and legal