WELCOME to the SEEDEP Pty Ltd – Social Housing Institute (SHI)

SEEDEP Pty Ltd as the conditional accredited by SHRA (social housing regulation authority) serves to provide rental housing options for low-to-medium-income households on an affordable basis, ensuring quality and maximum benefits for residents, and the management of its housing stock over the long term, and also develop and manage other new properties for the purpose of maximising both social and commercial opportunities for SEEDEP Pty Ltd in the short and longer term. The overall nature of business is the Management of the property portfolio. SEEDEP PTY LTD therefore has a dual mandate to generate significant financial returns for the current prospects, and further maximising the economic potential of the property portfolio within and around City of uMhlathuze (Richards Bay and eMpangeni) specific, yet not limited to, as well as contributing towards the prospects’ of social upliftment goals.

The current and future Service Delivery Agreement requires SEEDEP PTY LTD to provide, amongst others, the following services:

  • Property strategic planning and property advice
  • Financial, accounting and secretarial services for the property portfolio – SEEDEP Pty Ltd currently provides financial and accounting services and only part of secretarial services
  • Property register maintenance
  • Prospectss property portfolio information
  • Property maintenance –currently at a small-medium scale
  • Letting (including outdoor advertising)
  • Servitudes, encroachments and access rights
  • Disposal and acquisition of properties
  • Development of properties, and
  • Ad hoc property management services and/or development services and/or other services 

SEEDEP PTY LTD has positioned itself as the new emerging, young vibrant managing agent of the social housing property/assets, responsible for maximising the social, economic and financial value of the current & future prospects, considering their total property portfolio and enhancing the efficiency of its use as “The People’s Choice of Social Housing & Property”.


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